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Schrödinger's Joke

When a person is making a statement which demonizes, dehumanizes or infantilizes a category of people, does that mean that this person is joking? In some cases, the official answer to this question may depend entirely on the reaction of the audience....

A.) If the entire audience seems to agree or at least accept the statement, then the person who made the statement proceeds to position the statement as having been genuine all along.

B.) If anyone in the audience protests, then the person who made the statement proceeds to berate the protester for failing to understand that it was just a joke which of course shouldn't be taken seriously. The person who started it may then either drop it or escalate the situation, for example escalating by starting to make “jokes” about the person who protested, such as “jokingly” accuse them of belonging to the category which the original “joke” was about.

An example, regarding the category X.

Use the drop down menu to change category from X to a specific focus of categorism.

DropDown: Homophobia, Kinkophobia, Sizeism.


At a board meeting in an organization where it is formally forbidden to harass minorities, a board member named Sarah says: "I have heard that there is something called X." She says this in a venomous sarcastic tone, and when no one replies she follws up by saying "HA HA HA" in a mocking tone. She scans the room, ready to accuse any dissenter of "not having any sense of humor".